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2021 January Newsletter

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Learning Stars Preschool

January 2021 Newsletter


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January is a fun month, because it is all about going back to school and reuniting with our friends and teachers after a long holiday break.  Parents can help us during this time by praising kids with positive reinforcements such as your friends missed you, your teachers are waiting for you with new surprises and more.

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Ways we stay healthy

  • Frequent hand washing is the best way to prevent many illnesses – students wash their hands many times throughout the day.
  • We clean, disinfect, and sanitize toys, furniture, and other objects in the classrooms.
  • The outdoor areas are clean and maintained
  • Menu consists of healthy meals to boost immunity
  • All our students are vaccinated
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Classroom Lesson’s and Activities Summery

  January we will get back into our non-holiday routines as we continue to work with Montessori Math, Language, Sensorial and Practical Life. We will explore animals in winter. What do they do? Where do they go? How do they find food? We will strengthen fine motor skills as we string a garland with animal friendly food to hang outside for animals who may have trouble finding food this time of year. We will also learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and explore the wonderful example he was.

Each day begins with engaging circle time! Young preschoolers learn about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. Arts and crafts are incorporated into daily lessons. We like to get messy and create! We use different media such as paint, play dough and other common (and uncommon) materials. We provide manipulative activities to develop eye-hand coordination, small motor skills and problem-solving skills. Developing an awareness of other children and people in their environment are a part of the toddler’s day.

We will be talking about Martin Luther Kind, Jr. and will learn why he was so important to America and the effect he had. In the classroom we set up each activity with a control of error so that the success of the child is guaranteed. With improving skill, the self-correcting factor is gradually removed so that the child’s own skill becomes the control of error. This applies to social as well as academic skill development. We are equipping these children not only for academic success but for success in life as well. With the incredible technological tools at their disposal combined with a respectful approach to the balance of life on this planet and a fierce sense of responsibility how can these children do anything but succeed?

Classroom materials are always accessible, attractive, safe, and geared for a child’s success. Activities are changed regularly in response to children’s need for variety and challenge as they grow and learn.

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  • Letters: I and J
  • Numbers: 7 and 8
  • Colors:  All basic colors
  • Shapes: All basic shapes
  • Songs:” Dinosaur Stamp”,” Five Crazy Dinosaurs”.
  • Books: “Curious George at the Parade”, “It’s Up to Me”, “There is A Boy Called Martin”, “Martin Luther King Life”.
  • Safety Topic: Do not take food form strangers.
  • Special Activities: we will talk about “Dr. Martin Luther King”. Children will learn about dinosaurs and we will talk about how dinosaurs stretch kid’s imaginations and allow them to experience a world vastly different from our own today.
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