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About Us

Welcome to
Learning Stars Preschool
Your Child’s Home Away From Home

Learning Stars Preschool has been providing affordable and reliable childcare starting from the age of 2 years old and up to 6 years old since 2006, on a site originally opened as a preschool in 1950. We offer a range of services to address the needs of each child within a patient, loving and nurturing environment. Our experienced and fully trained teachers and staff meet or exceed all educational and licensing requirements set by the State of California.

Many parents find it difficult to leave their children anywhere. We at Learning Stars Preschool makes certain you are completely comfortable and confident in the quality of care we provide for your child in your absence. Our school is a place where children can be children, and where adults can feel secure leaving their most precious ones under our loving, attentive care.

Our Goal
Our goal is to give your child a satisfying learning environment, and well balanced program and curriculum. We encourage a positive self-concept in each child through guidance, social, emotional, and intellectual development. The Learning Stars program is experience-based and designed to develop each child’s individuality, creativity, knowledge, and beginning academics to motivate them toward excellence and success.

Our Philosophy
Learning Stars Preschool provides an educational environment and an atmosphere of enhancement for your child’s everyday, growing experiences. Each child is provided with a carefully planned educational curriculum. We guide your child’s early cognitive development, physical abilities, and emotional stability through structured and consistent programming. Learning Stars Preschool maintains a TV-free environment, excepting occasional outside presentations or special holiday videos. Our teachers encourage creativity through free and imaginative play, arts and crafts, music and dance, science, and gross and fine motor activities. What looks like play to the observer, and feels like play to the child, is really a carefully planned program to stimulate the child’s interests. Learning Stars is a place where each child can choose, experiment, explore and initiate discoveries that help build self-confidence, expand their understanding, and teach them responsibility. Learning Stars Preschool serves a healthy, nutritious, early morning breakfast, morning and afternoon snack, beverages and hot lunch daily, all included in the tuition fee. We offer flexible full or part-time choices for your child’s enrollment, and we serve all of the many diverse cultures within our local communities. Learning Stars Preschool treats every child who comes to visit with us like one of our own. The little ones flourish in our understanding, encouraging environment.

Our curriculum changes monthly and covers various topics which include the High Reach & Phonic Program teaching. In addition to this we have a monthly theme and Character and Values education. We have Special Events and activities throughout the year. Potty training is included in our tuition for our younger children. Beginning the month of November, we will have a “learning” garden where children can participate in growing and tending flowers and vegetables.

Learning Stars prides itself on maintaining a low teacher-to-child ratio in each class. Our staff members speak a total of 9 different languages to help your child make a smoother transition in their new surroundings and to assist in developing their English language skills. Languages spoken are English, Spanish, French, Russian, Armenian, Persian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Greek. Each of our staff is educated in Early Childhood Development, participates in regular ongoing teacher training and professional development, and has been individually selected for their abilities as caring, patient, and devoted to working with children

Each age group has its own separate building or classroom designed and set up to accommodate the appropriate developmental stages. The Learning Stars campus includes four buildings altogether. The classrooms provide a safe and healthy, clean and colorful environment with ample space, and classrooms are divided into interest areas (Centers) to address basic aspects of children’s play and academic development.

Outdoor Play
We strongly believe in outdoor play as part of every child’s healthy childhood experience. Our spacious playgrounds are equipped for a variety of activities and divided into separate play areas for infants, toddlers, and Preschool age children. Play yards include both stationery and portable equipment. Among our “playground favorites” are a fleet of cars, tricycles, swings, climbers, playhouse, Lego building table, and building blocks.

Learning Stars Preschool
and is located on a quiet street parallel to Canada Boulevard, a main Glendale thoroughfare, and within easy access of the 2 and 134 freeways. We recently completed renovation of the school campus to include a Parking lot and handicapped access throughout the facility. Learning Stars meets all rules, regulations, codes and expectations of the Department of Social Services of the State of California, Title 22. Learning Stars Preschool partners with Glendale Healthy Kids, GUSD, the WIC Program, and many community organizations in order to provide an optimum range of resources and referrals for our children and families. Please call or stop by our offices to request specific information. We look forward to meeting you our child. Learning Stars welcomes CCRC program families.