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April 2019 Newsletter

Spring Bird, Bird, Spring, Blue, Nature

Learning Stars Preschool

 THEME:  Spring


Book, Record, Read, A Pile Of Books

Dear  Sparkling Stars Parents:

on Friday May,31 2019 we will having  a half day to celebrate our Shining Stars Graduation.

Thank you for understanding.

We would like to see all our wonderful families in our Shining Stars Classroom Graduation Recital on Friday May, 31 2019 at 2:00 pm.

Cartoon, Balloons, Faces, Happy, Smile



Happy Birthday, Greeting, Card, OwlsAndrew ——- 4/2     

Shining Stars:  (3.5yrs-6yrs old) By: Ms. Rina and Ms. Gayane

  • Letters: Vv, Ww and Xx
  • Numbers: 1 thru 20
  • Colors: Pink, Purple & Yellow
  • Shapes: Cone and Pyramid
  • Songs: “Five Little Easter Bunnies”, “I’m a Little Chickie” and “Ten Little Bunnies”.
  • Books: “A Fly Went “, “Feeling Safe”, “Bunny my Honey”.
  • Special Activity: We will do Spring and Easter artwork also We will practice for our Graduation Recital
  • .



Happy Birthday, Greeting Card, CakeJoshua ———– 4/5 

Sparkling Stars: (2yrs to 3.5yrs old) By: Ms. Angineh and Ms. Madlen

  • Letters: Oo and Pp
  • Numbers: 1 thru 10
  • Colors: Yellow and Orange
  • Shapes: Oval
  • Songs: “I am an Easter Bunny” and “Ten Little Bunnies”.
  • Books: “A Fly Went “, “Feeling Safe” and “Bunny my Honey”.
  • Special Activity: We will talk about Spring and we will do our Easter project.

Rule, Pressure, Stamp, Wont, Come Here

  1. Raise your hand
  2. Listen quietly
  3. Follow directions
  4. Walk don’t run
  5. Help clean up
  6. Share
  7. Be a friend

Easter Truck, Easter, Rabbit, Bunny

Spring is hopping its way here fast!  Easter is one of my most favorite times of the year for many reasons; from it being a season of great Joy and forgiveness to the simple reasons of blooming flowers and warmer weather. Welcoming spring always makes us look forward to fun festivities like; dying eggs and having a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt!