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April 2020 Newsletter

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Learning Stars Preschool

April, 2020 Newsletter


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Illness Policy
A parent of a child that is determined to be ill shall be notified immediately. The child must be picked up within an hour of notification. No child shall be allowed to remain at school with the following conditions:

  • Elevated Temperature (100 degrees or higher)
  • Vomiting and/or Diarrhea
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
  • Head Lice
  • Student Pick-Up


April, 10th 2020 Picture Day

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School will be closed April, 24th 2020 Armenian Genocide

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Joshua —- 4/5  


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Classroom Lesson’s and Activities Summery


Our philosophy is to educate the whole child through a hands-on, interactive approach.  The following five values permeate our school through every department and guide our approach to education.

As a private, independent school, we are able to seek out the highest quality teachers who create a dynamic learning environment for our students.  Small class sizes, individualized attention and constant communication between faculty and families ensures that our students are given the resources to succeed.

Our preschool program is designed to encourage self-awareness and self-expression, build confidence and a positive self-concept, provide sensory experiences, develop small and large motor skills and motivate verbal and social competencies.

Our theme this month is springtime. Our lesson plans will focus on planting and growing. The children will also be learning about spring weather and the life of plants and animals.

In our classrooms, our teachers are trained to prepare an environment. Our students know where everything goes and they know how everything works.

The classroom has activities meant to stimulate all areas of development:  social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language.  The children are allowed the freedom to choose activities based on their own interests, and to master those activities at their own pace.  The freedom to choose is tempered by the three basic rules of the environment that will be beneficial for a lifetime — respect of self, respect for others, and respect for the environment.

This month we will work flower alphabet match, it is very fun game and main time this  alphabet activity will have children learn about uppercase and lowercase letters with a fun spring twist.

We will be learning Numbers 9-15, parterres, we will be working on beginning sounds, Rhyming words, Tracing/writing numbers and letters, sort toys by color, shape, or size.

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Parent Reminders:

Make sure your child has an extra change of clothing here that is appropriate for the weather.