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August 2019 Newsletter

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August, 2019 Newsletter



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Outdoor playtime is not just another environment for play it also provides a rich learning opportunity that benefits a child’s development. Allowing curious preschoolers to play outside gives them the opportunity to ask questions, learn about their surroundings, and learn about themselves. They are free to make messes, run and jump  and explore the world around them.


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We do have many outdoor activities and games to engage preschoolers without becoming bored. our kids get an opportunity to  use sidewalk chalk to draw hopscotch boxes and numbers and enjoy playing in their creation. They are playing with balls, bicycles, slid, cars, water play and more.Outdoor playtime activities allow for a fuller and happier childhood, and generate lasting childhood memories.



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Classroom Lesson’s and Activities Summery

 Sparkling Stars: (2 yrs to 3.5yrs old) By: Ms. Madlen and Ms. Angineh

 Shining Stars: (3.5yrs-5yrs old) By: Ms. Gayane



Happy Summer! The children are definitely going to enjoy what we have coming for our summer days. We want all our little ones to have a F-U-N summer. We have many exciting events planned for this summer! We will continue our academic development, as well as our developmental enrichment during the summer season. Singing is always a fun part of our day. As always, we’ll incorporate our fun songs and dancing during our circle time.

Our academic day officially starts at 9:00 am. Children arriving after 9:00 am may have a hard time with separation, since their friends are already in class and involved with their lessons. It can also be disruptive saying good-byes while everyone else is listening to the teacher.

 This month we’ll be focusing on learning and recognizing the all letters of the alphabet. We’ll work on all letters, making each letter sound so that we can better understand that each letter makes a sound and these letter sounds make words. We will be learning all about the number 1 to 20 this month. Focusing on recognizing this numbers and understanding the concept of “1 to 20”.

Discovering “Big” and “small”, introduce the shape triangle, sorting color pom -poms, shortest to longest and Introduce the number 1 to 20. Our math centers are full of hands on experiences. The children will work on patterning, number recognition, and geometric shapes. We will work our Montessori Math and practical every morning and we will do our Enrichment lesson every afternoon.

 Please provide a crib-sheet, blanket and extra clothing every Monday and take these homes every Friday and bring them back on Monday of each week.

I wish all of you have  happy and safe Summer

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