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February 2020 Newsletter


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Learning Stars Preschool

February 2020 Newsletter 

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if the sun refused to shine

if romance ran out of rhyme

You would still have my heart

Till the end of time

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 Parenting Tips for February

It is the parent’s and our job to offer healthy food options, and food portions for our children.

Our Preschool activities for this month is…

We will discuss our presidents past and present

We will make American Flags and talk about the colors and its meanings

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Michael   ———- February 6th  

Birthday, Happy Birthday

     Ava ———- February 2nd               

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Milena ——-February 6th

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Classroom Lesson’s and Activities Summery


February are great learning month. Our children will focus and concentrate well on their work. All the learning areas will reflect this, as the work is getting more complicated and challenging. The children are also eager to volunteer in a variety of ways: washing their table after lunch, helping the younger children with their work, they will practice their Montessori materials whatever they did learn last year and also we are going to learn more Montessori materials, our children will work hard all day long. Whether at play or work, they are learning to be kind to their neighbor and planet, embrace differences and explore new things.

Our classrooms are a place where teamwork and respect are continually fostered. During this time of the year, we are fortunately observing more and more team work in all classrooms.

For this month our main goals is to practice and learn more Montessori, we are going to learn and practice more the following area. Which will be

  1. Practical Life — The young toddlers will continue practical life works such as sponge squeezing, scooping, and pouring. This month’s cooking project will involve making friendship mix. Ingredients include cheerios, puffs, and raisins.
  2. Math/Sensorial — Sorting work, Challenging nesting boxes / holes to line up, Layer puzzle, Knobbles Cylinders, The Color Boxes, Pink tower, brown tower, red rods, colored cylinders,
  3. Language materials are designed primarily to teach children the intricacies of written and spoken language. A firm grasp of writing and speaking will allow students to progress with their learning. Students use language materials to explore letters, sounds, handwriting, and eventually spelling and writing.

These activities are complex, with many steps that must be performed sequentially in order to achieve the result, helping our child strengthen key executive functioning skills. We will give a child the opportunity to take on meaningful work that he can complete independently, while developing concentration. The practical life activities also prepare a child for writing by strengthening her/he hand and reinforcing motions and muscles important for producing the written word. Most importantly, we will allow them to absorb the basic, methodical problem-solving approach that is the foundation for all thought or creative expression, including such diverse areas as math, science, art, language and sensorial. Our children have access to increasingly-sophisticated Montessori activities. Each activity is matched to the appropriate moment in an individual child’s development and designed to strengthen the integration between their mind and their hand. These activities support our children in learning to understand cause and effect, solve problems, make choices, and pursue goals, as well as giving them plenty of opportunities to practice increasingly coordinated movements.


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