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January 2020 Newsletter


Learning Stars Preschool

January 2020 Newsletter


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We are looking forward to having your children back in the classroom. Some of them may have a ‘mini” separation process after vacation and we will work with them on feeling comfortable and confident. We continue to talk about the seasons and how winter affects us. For those days that are too cold to go outside, we have plenty of gross motor activities planned. “Jumping over the moon” one at a time is always fun. Circle time is getting longer as the children attention span is growing. We like to give a lesson on one work daily and reinforce putting it away on the shelf.

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School Will be Closed

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Monday, January 20th, 2020


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Celia  ———- January 8th


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Important Reminder:  

Please send your child with their winter attire for the cold weather months. Also, please have your child’s name on each item. We will go outside whenever conditions allow.

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The Flu Season

We are cleaning and sanitizing the classrooms and bathrooms very well to keep the flu away from our school. Please help by staying home with your child you suspect that either of you are sick. We will be strictly enforcing our sick policy in an effort to keep all students and staff healthy! Thank you for your support and understanding.

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Classroom Lesson’s and Activities Summery

Materials Presented:


  • Picture language cards (will show at circle time)
  • Language mystery bag-new items added ➢
  • Matching animal cards


  • Geometry/shape identification
  • Number identification 1-7
  • Counting trays
  • Green and Blue are the color this month
  • Knobbed cylinders-extension
  • Sorting and matching mittens

Practical Life

  • pouring from a pitcher
  • Wooden vegetable and fruit slicing
  • Using some of our kitchen tools; Making bubbles with a whisk and using a ladle to transfer water
  • Manipulation of objects through a track
  • Carrying a tray and using a work rug
  • respecting others work

 This month we will continue to work on beginning word sounds, learning the alphabet and getting ready to read. Our brand-new movable alphabet will be put out for use. Children this age use their senses to explore the world. Our children will be introduce to a rich and varied vocabulary, and will later analyze words into sounds. They will learn to associate each phonetic sound with its corresponding letter, and trace the letter to internalize the movements made in writing. Older children use the “Movable Alphabet” to put those sounds together into words and sentences. Each activity is matched to the appropriate moment in an individual child’s development and designed to strengthen the integration between their mind and their hand. These activities support our children in learning to understand cause and effect, solve problems, make choices, and pursue goals, as well as giving her plenty of opportunities to practice increasingly coordinated movements.



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