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June 2021 Newsletter

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Learning Stars Preschool

June 2021 Newsletter

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Class of 2021 Graduation

Mark your calendar now for our annual Preschool Graduation Program!

Friday, July 16th at 1:00 pm at Learning Stars Preschool

students are all practicing their songs and poems to sing on stage at this event, and each preschool student will be invited on stage to receive a diploma and award.

Families are invited.

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Important Reminders!

As always, we love spending time outside in the warm and sunny weather! Please remember that children must wear sneakers/playground appropriate footwear for outdoor activities. Sunscreen and hats are strongly recommended for everyone. Do not forget to change out your child’s extra clothing for summer wear in case they need a change while at school.

June 20th 2021

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Our small class sizes and a spacious facility will allow us to provide a safe environment for learning to take place. Social distancing and increased disinfecting and electrostatic cleaning protocols are just a few of the measures we are taking to keep our students healthy and safe.

Children and staff come together for group time, filled with songs, stories, and welcoming the children and teachers to a new day. The children will engage in center activities that encourage independence as the children utilize the learning materials provided in each learning center. During playground time children will explore what their bodies can do and how nature works in the world we live.

  • Math & Science Center-Children have opportunities to explore numbers, patterns, and problem-solving skills.
  • Nature center-The children will explore the outdoors and help take care of living things.
  • Language Center-Children will engage in stories, writing, and telling stories. Children will develop new language.
  • Art Center-In this center the children will have the opportunity to explore different materials to create an art piece, this also allows the children to master creativity and imagination.

We offer the children activities that engage the children in small and large group activities. We encourage children to actively participate so they begin to understand socializing to social success.

Classroom Lesson’s and Activities Summery

JUNE THEME:  Under the Deep Blue Ocean

CHARACTER: Self-discipline


In June, we will continue Growing our Classroom Garden, in addition to ocean, rainforest and summer themes. Students moving on to Kindergarten will also spend time creating decorations and preparing for the ceremony!

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  • Letters: R and S
  • Numbers: 14-15
  • Colors:  All basic colors
  • Shapes: All basic shapes
  • Songs: “Father’s Day”,” Dad, Dad” and “Hugs for Daddy”.
  • Books: “The Night Before Father’s Day”,” The Ten Best Things All About My Dad” and” Just Me and My Dad”.
  • Special Activity: We will talk about the deep Ocean and discover plants life and creatures big and small. Also, we will talk about the different ways we can explore the Ocean. We will do project related to Ocean and Father’s Day.
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