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March 2019 Newsletter


Learning Stars Preschool

Happy St Patrick'S Day, Leprechaun

Learning Stars Preschool

March, 2019 Newsletter

MARCH THEME:  Nature – Planting

CHARACTER: Trustworthiness

Caption describing picture or graphic.Birthday, Happy Birthday

Macabe ——- 03/10

Maisy ——- 03/14



Be kind to each other

Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Listen carefully and follow instructions first time

Work hard and try your best

Be polite and show respect

Do not use street words at the school




Happy Birthday, Greeting, Card, Owls





St Patrick'S Day, Saint Patricks Day

 Classroom Lesson’s and Activities 



Sparkling Stars: (2yrs to 3.5yrs old) By: Ms. Madlen and Ms. Angineh

  • Letters: Mm and Nn

  • Numbers: 8 and 9

  • Colors: Green and Gold

  • Shapes: Circle

  • Songs: “Five Little Leprechauns”.

  • Books: “The Little Red Hen”, How Do Apples Grow”.

  • Safety Topic: How do you stay safe at home, at school and your community.

  • Special Activity: Our activity will be all about St. Patrick’s Day.

  • We are going to plant seeds and watch them grow, this will be our learning process.



Shining Stars: (3.5yrs-5yrs old) By: Ms. Rina and Ms. Gayane

  • Letters: Rr, Ss, Tt and Uu

  • Numbers: 18, 19 and 20

  • Colors:  Green and Gold

  • Shapes: Cub and Cylinder

  • Songs: “White-Eyed Owle?’ and “Leprechaun, Leprechaun”.

  • Books: “Houndsley and Catine” and “It’s Happy Bunny Loves Bites”.

  • Safety Topic: How to prevent and respond appropriately towards bullying.

  • Special Activity: We will do St. Patrick’s Day project. We are going to plant seeds and watch them grow. This will be our learning process.

Aquarium of the Pacific


For the animal-loving kids in your family, this is another option. Meet more than 11,000 ocean animals at this all-inclusive aquarium in Long Beach. Kids get closer than ever to exotic creatures of the Pacific through several fantastic exhibits.

Hand-feed brilliantly colored lorikeet birds as you stroll through “Lorikeet Forest,” then journey over to “Shark Lagoon” to reach in and touch more than 150 small sharks in the shallow touch pools.

Touch pools are an ideal way for children to interact with the species they’re learning about, and to really feel the impact of the conservation work being done by these institutions.

Getting In: Aquarium of the Pacific tickets are included with the Go Los Angeles Card.