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May 2019 Newsletter

Learning Stars Preschool

May Newsletter


Columbine, Aquilegia, Genus




May, 5th 2019

Salsa, Chips, Tomatoes, Red Chili


May, 6th to 10th


Teacher Appreciation Week, Teacher


May, 12th 2019

Happy Mother'S Day, Tulips In Bucket


May, 27th 2019

Happy Memorial Day, Military, Holiday


May,31st 2019 Shining Stars Graduation

Diploma, Graduation, Contract, Rolled Up

We would like to see all our wonderful families in our Shining Starts Classroom Graduation Recital on May, 31st 2019 at 2:00pm.  

Birthday, Sky, Balloon, Clouds, Greeting

Ayam  —–  5/7    


May, 31st 2019 Sparkling Stars has a Half day 12 Noon

Boy, Girl, Hand In Hand, Kids, School
Birthday, Happy Birthday, Balloons

Elise —— 5/25


Sparkling Stars: (3 yrs to 3.5yrs old) By Ms. Madlen and Ms. Angineh

  • Letters: Qq and Rr
  • Numbers: 2 and 9
  • Colors: Red and Blue
  • Shapes: All basic shapes
  • Songs: “You are my Mommy” and “I love Mommy”.
  • Books: “The Grouchy Lady Bug”, “Bonjour Butterfly” and “Very Hungry Caterpillar”.
  • Safety Topic: When you are out walking with your children you can teach them about safety signsby turning it into a game. 
  • Special Activity: We will do lots of art works related to Mother’s Day, Cinco the Mayo and Memorial Day.


Shining Stars: (3.5yrs-6yrs old) By Ms. Gayane

  • Letters: Yy and Zz
  • Numbers: 10 to 20
  • Colors:  Orange, Gray and Black
  • Shapes: All shapes
  • Songs: “I Love Mommy”, “You are My Mommy” and “It’s Your Special Day”.
  • Books: “Hanging Out with Mom”, “We Look, Spaghetti and Meatballs for all”.
  • Safety Topic: You also need to teach your children how to cross the road safely.
  • Special Activity: We will do art work related to Mother’s Day, Cinco De Mayo and Memorial Day. We will practice for our Graduation Recital.