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May 2021 newsletter

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Learning Stars Preschool

May, 2021 Newsletter


APRIL THEME:  Nutrition



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Spring is in full bloom, and the Primary children have been busy bees! Outside, gross motor skills are developing, throwing, and catching balls, building, and running through obstacle courses, and lots of running, climbing, and jumping.



Our preschool program includes learning experiences in the areas of language and literature, social relationships, mathematics and science, and the creative arts (music, art and movement). Our spacious, grassy play area encourages the children to run and play games with their friends. Alphabet knowledge, pre-writing skills, building vocabulary, and learning habits for writing letters and numbers are the necessary readiness skills that will help children build a strong foundation for kindergarten. We are bridging the gap between our preschool and the public schools by using the same curriculum.




  • Pink tower
  • Broad stairs
  • Longs rods
  • Knobbed/knobbles cylinders
  • Color tablets


Language arts

  • Sandpaper letters a-z
  • Letter tracing
  • Movable alphabet


Practical life

  • Introduction
  • classroom environment
  • Grace and courtesy
  • Cate of person/ self



  • Sandpaper numbers
  • Number rods
  • Spindle boxes
  • Cards and counters
  • Ten board


Pencil, School, Stationery, Writing
  • Letters: Q and R
  • Numbers: 12 and 13
  • Colors:  All basic colors
  • Shapes: All basic shapes
  • Songs: “I Love Mommy”, “You are My Mommy” and “It’s Your Special Day”.
  • Books: “Spacewalk”, “A Journey to the Planets” and “Beyond by Ian Graham”.
  • Safety Topic: We will talk about how to stay healthy, and to refuse anything from strangers.
  • Special Activity: Our artwork will be related to Mother’s Day and Nutrition.


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The preschool’s philosophy also encompasses the importance of helping children develop respect and compassion for others.   The school’s staff is dedicated to modeling courtesy, kindness, and empathy as well as encouraging important moral values.



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May 5th


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May 3 thru 7

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mothers to our school

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May 31 

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