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Newsletter – April 2018

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Learning Stars Infant Care & Preschool

April, 2018 Newsletter

Theme: Spring

Character: Loyalty

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Remember the Golden Rule!

                                       Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Learning Stars Picture Day will be

Monday April 9th, 2018 and Tuesday April 10th, 2018

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Classroom Lesson’s and Activities Summery

 Andrew ——- 04/02 

     Riley ——— 04/03    

   Joshua ——- 04/05  

Win ——- 04/09


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Twinkling Stars: (1 to 18 mths ) By: Ms. Angineh, Ms. Kritine, Ms. Gayane, , Ms. Karine.

  • Numbers: 8 and 9
  • Letters: Oo and Pp
  • Colors: Red and Green
  • Shapes: Triangle
  • Songs: “Three Little Docks” and “Rain, Rain Go Away”.
  • Books: “Fluffy Bunny’s”, “Corduroys Easter Party” and “At the Carnival”.
  • Special Activities: We will do a lot of activities including sharing, to show the fun of ” Sharing is caring”.

Sparkling Stars: (2.5yrs to 3.5yrs old) By: Ms. Rina and Ms. Kristine

  • Letters: Uu and Vv
  • Numbers: 6 and 7
  • Colors: Yellow, Pink and Purple
  • Shapes: Circle and Square
  • Songs: “Little Bunny”, “Easter Rabbit” and “I am a Tea Pot”.
  • Books: “It’s Picnic Day”, “Pooh’ s Money Tree” and “Jack and The Beanstalk”.
  • Safety Topic: How do you stay safe at home, at school and your community.
  • Special Activity: Our activity will be all about Easter.
  • We are going to plant seeds and watch them grow, this will be our learning process.


Ms. Karineh Director 

Little Stars: (18 months to 2.5yrs old) By: Ms. Madlen & Ms. Anna

  • Letters: Oo and Pp
  • Numbers: 2 to 9
  • Colors: Orange and Yellow
  • Shapes: Ovall
  • Songs: “Rain Rain Go Away” and “Bumble Bee”.
  • Books: “Breakfast Time”, “Busy Little Bee” and “This and That Bread”.
  • Safety Topic: To Prevent catching cold or flu, don’t forget to take your jacket.
  • Special Activity: It will be all about spring. 

Shining Stars: (3.5yrs-5yrs old) By: Ms. Gayane and Ms. Kristine 

  • Letters: Ab, Bb and Cc
  • Numbers: 1 to 10
  • Colors:  All basic colors
  • Shapes: All basic shapes
  • Songs: “Nine Little Flowers’ and “Out in the Garden”.
  • Books: “A Fly Went”, “Feeling Safe” and “Bunny my Honey”.
  • Safety Topic: Before hiding your Easter eggs, walk through the area and remove hazards such as garden tools, hoses, and chemicals. Create boundaries to keep kids from wandering too far. Hide eggs away from areas that could have come into contact with wild animals, birds, or lawn chemicals.
  • Special Activity: We will have outdoor activities and paintings. We are working on our Graduations Recital songs and dances.


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APRIL 24th,2018 


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