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Newsletter – September 2018

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Learning Stars Infant Care and Preschool

September, 2018 Newsletter

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School will be closed on September 3rd, 2018



THEME: Back to school

CHARACTER: Responsibility


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                    Alex —- 9/10   Kylie — 9/26     Dexter — 9/29

English, English Language, Language


Twinkling Stars: (from 6 weeks to 18 months), By Ms. Angineh, Ms. Asthgik, Ms. Karine and Ms. Kristine.

  • Numbers: 1
  • Letters: Oo
  • Colors : Brown and Purple
  • Shapes: Star
  • Songs: “I Love the Sun”, “I Love the Rain”.
  • Books: “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?”.
  • We will work on our clean up.
  • Blackboard, Kids, Cute, Illustration

Little Stars:  (18 months to 2.5yrs old) By Ms. Madlen & Ms. Anna

  • Letters: Aa and Bb
  • Numbers: 1 and 2
  • Colors: Yellow and Green
  • Shapes: Circle and Square
  • Songs: “I Have a Wigley Jiggly Tooth” and “Five Little Pumpkins”.
  • Books: “Meal Time” and “I Can Do It Myself When Mama Comes Home”.
  • Safety Topic: How to prevent our body from germs?
  • Special Activity: We will do Labor Day and Fall art work.
  • We will talk about responsibility and our project will be all about Labor Day.
  • Friend, Ribbon, Label, Friendship, Kids

Sparkling Stars: (2.5yrs to 3.5yrs old) By: Ms. Rina and Ms. Kristine

  • Letters: Aa , Bb and Cc
  • Numbers: 1 , 2, 3 and 4
  • Colors:  Yellow and Orange
  • Shapes: Circle
  • Songs: “Labor Day, Labor Day”, “Clean Up Time is Here” and “Head Shoulder, Knees and Toe”.
  • Books: “Everybody Has a Body”, “Big Enough for a Bed” and “Too Big for Diapers”.
  • Safety Topic: How to prevent our body from germs?
  • Special Activity: Our project will be all about back to school and Labor Day art.
  • Education Learning School Educate Children

Shining Stars: (3.5yrs-6yrs old) By: Ms. Gayane and Ms. Kristine

  • Letters: Gg, Pp and Hh
  • Numbers: 1, 2 and 3 subtraction and addition.
  • Colors:  Yellow, Orange and Brown.
  • Shapes: Stars and Triangle
  • Songs: “Look at Me”, “September” and “Labor Day, Labor Day”.
  • Books: “Labor Day Boy” and “Daddy and its Holiday”.
  • Safety Topic: We will discuss developing healthy eating habits and fitness, which will include age appropriate physical activities.
  • Special Activity: Arts and crafts with the Labor Day theme.
  • School, Learn, Graduation, Knowledge