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November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, Holiday, Season

Learning Stars Infant Care and Preschool

November 2018 Newsletter


Veterans Celebrate Holiday Memorial Army A

November 12th— School is Closed

Theme: Opposite

Character: Fairness

  • We want to inform our families to Keep child safe and keep away from danger and other.
  • Make sure kids are being acknowledged at your family gatherings, especially Thanksgiving dinner time by having them sit around the table with your family.

Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving Acorn Autu



Holidays Occasions Celebration Celebrate P

Family Dinner, Dinner, Party, Eating

November 23rd and 24th —– School is Closed



Balloons, Yellow, Pink, Green, Happy       Balloons, Yellow, Pink, Green, Happy    Balloons, Yellow, Pink, Green, Happy

Zac —- 11/21 and Chloe —-11/21





Twinkling Stars: (from 6 weeks old to 18 months), By Ms. Angineh, Ms. Kristine, Ms. Ms. Karine.

  • Numbers: 4
  • Letters: Dd
  • Colors: Orange
  • Shapes: Square
  • Songs: “One Little Turkey”.
  • Books: “Perfect Day to Play”.
  • Special activity planned: To make colorful leaves and hand printing.
  • We will practice on our sharing to eliminate pushing and pulling.

Little Stars: (18 months to 2.5yrs old) By Ms. Madlen & Ms. Anna

  • Letters: Ee & Ff
  • Numbers: 4 & 5
  • Colors: Green & Yellow
  • Shapes: Square
  • Songs: “Ring, Rin, Ring Your Bell” &” One Little Turkey”.
  • Books: “Fall Leaves”, “Special Dinner”, “Pilgrims in The Mountains” & “Thanksgiving Day”.
  • Safety Topic: Always have extra warm clothing appropriate for winter conditions.
  • Special Activity: We will show the process of drying a fresh leaf.
  • Our projects will cover Thanksgiving and Veterans Day.

Sparkling Stars: (2.5yrs to 3.5yrs old) By: Ms. Rina

  • Letters: Ff, Gg & Ii
  • Numbers: 5 & 6
  • Colors:  Blue and Green
  • Shapes: Oval and Circle
  • Songs: “The Little Indians” & “Ten Little Pilgrims”.
  • Books: “The Wind and The Sun”, “Fall Are Here” & “Thanksgiving Day”.
  • Safety Topic: Make sure kids are wearing their helmets during bike riding.
  • Special Activity:  Our project will be all about Thanksgiving and Veterans day. We are going to make a paper turkey and Pilgrims, also we will do art work  about Veterans Day.

Shining Stars: (3.5yrs-5yrs old) By: Ms. Gayane and Ms. Kristine

  • Letters: Jj, Qq & Uu
  • Numbers: 14, 15,16
  • Colors:  Orange, Brown & Yellow
  • Shapes: Pentagon & Cube
  • Songs: “Thanksgiving is Coming”,” Little Pilgrims”, “God Bless America” &” It’s a Small World”.
  • Books: “Special Dinner”, “Pilgrims in the Mountains”, “Blue’s Big Week” & “Our Heroes’”.
  • Safety Topic: Don’t go out without an adult and don’t take anything from strangers.
  • Special Activity: We will do Thanksgiving art projects and make Flags for our Veterans.

LA Zoo Lights

Griffith Park
Nov 16 2018-Jan 06 2019

Whether you like your holidays on the traditional side or served with a twist, you’ll find plenty of eye-popping, jaw-dropping wonder at L.A. Zoo Lights, which is delivering seasonal sights, sounds and delights nightly into January