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September 2020 Newsletter

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Learning Stars Preschool

September 2020 Newsletter

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Learning Stars Preschool dose follow public health guidelines. Every morning I do check staff and children’s temperatures before they enter in. Our both classroom we do have small group of students and the same group of children must be kept with the same teachers every day. Even within those small groups, we do follow the CDC guidelines we do keep our students six feet away from each other, each student has their own toys and own space to play and have fun. Even though they cannot play with each other or share a toy but still we try our best to keep a fun day for them. Teachers and students are wearing a mask. Our toys must be sanitized after being used, and hands should be washed throughout the day.

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Classroom Lesson’s and Activities Summery

These activities are complex, with many steps that must be performed sequentially in order to achieve the result, helping our children strengthen key executive functioning skills. We give a child the opportunity to take on meaningful work that child can complete independently, while developing concentration. The practical life activities also prepare a child for writing by strengthening her or his hand and reinforcing motions and muscles important for producing the written word. Most importantly, we allow a child to absorb the basic, methodical problem-solving approach that is the foundation for all thought or creative expression, including such diverse areas as math, science, art and language.

CDC suggests teachers to model behavior to students, such as washing hands with soap for 20 second and staying 6 feet away from each other also keep the mask on. We did teach our students how to keep 6 feet distance from each other’s and not to share any toys or food with each other. It was extremely hard, but we did it. Our students are very smart they did follow all the guidelines that required form La county Department of Public Health.

Month of the September we will be teaching our students begging sounds, numbers, Montessori materials and memory math facts. We will teach them individually lessons in. This way, we will be helping each other to stay healthy. We will review all the previous lessons we learned before moving forward, I feel review is always good for students, because that way we can catch up lessons that we missed form past moths.

Respect for the child is the cornerstone on which all other Montessori principles rest. Teachers show respect for our children by providing them with the opportunity to do, think, and learn for themselves. Through freedom of choice, children can develop skills and abilities needed to become confident learners. As a result, our children are independent, and are respectful of their environment and others. The goal of our both classrooms are to create a harmonious learning space that encourages independent learning. Elements of a prepared environment include freedom, structure, order, nature and integration of the social and intellectual aspects of child development.

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